Published on 13 February 2017

#Crif - An emotional tribute to the victims of the HyperCacher terror attack

Everyone was called to come and gather in a tent designed for that purpose, to light a candle and leave a note in family booklets.

First, Francis Kalifat received the families of the victims, former hostages, political and religious personalities for a short and sober ceremony. During this ceremony, the president of Crif recalled that since the HyperCacher attack, France as a whole has been targeted by Islamist terrorism. The entire nation has to face this threat. The president of Crif also spoke of the bombing in Jerusalem on January 8, which killed four 20-year-olds people whose names were recalled.  

During this ceremony were gathered the families of the victims, former hostages, Crif management committee, Crif former president Roger Cukierman, Minister of Interior Bruno Le Roux, Manuel Valls, Francois Fillon, President of the Ile de France region Valerie Pecresse, Anne Hidalgo, Prefect of Paris Cadot, Chief Rabbi of France Haim Korsia, Joel Mergui, Archbishop Benoist de Sinety, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Paris, president of the Muslim Council Anouar Kbibech. Later in the evening, came Latifa Ibn Ziaten, mother of a victim of Mohamed Merah, and the singer Renaud. Each member of the family of the hostages was called to light a candle in memory of his missing relative, with a political or religious personality : Philippe Braham, Yohan Cohen, Yohav Hattab and François Michel Saada. A candle in memory of all the victims of terrorism was then lit. At the end of the ceremony, the Chief Rabbi of France recited Psalm 121, then the Kaddish, and finally the prayer for France. The ceremony ended with a Marseillaise.
As a result of this ceremony, nearly 2,000 anonymous people went to the tent to light a candle and write a note in the booklets.

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