Published on 5 March 2016

François Fillon received by the Friends of CRIF

Over 500 people were present to attend the panel discussion Fillon before the Friends of CRIF on February 15, 2016.

The meeting was moderated by Nathalie Saint-Cricq, head of the political department of "France Télévisions" Group. The former prime minister explained the proposals of his running program to the Republican primaries.
Regretting the lack of results in 30 years, he focused on major points of his program: elimination of the 35 hours, simplification of the Work Code and fixing the legal age of retirement at 65.
Regarding hatred and anti-Semitism on social networks, he reaffirmed that there must be no tolerance from the French government. He also confirmed his worrying in front of the rise of anti-Semitism, demanding "zero tolerance".
"Islamic terrorism has become a global threat requires a global alliance to fight it", further stated François Fillon. He stressed that "Israel's security is non-negotiable" and confirmed to be opposed to the labeling of products from the territories : "Taking part in the peace process is neither labelling products nor recognizing a country with a simple decree."
The former prime minister said that the European Union should be much more willing and active in the peace process in the Middle East.  
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