Published on 3 January 2016

Op-Ed: In Europe, Jew-stabbers are heroes

In Western news reports, victims and terrorists are lumped together in a Kafkaesque method of counting.

By Giulio Meotti, published on Arutz Sheva December 30, 2015
Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, the night before Christmas. Two Israeli citizens murdered by a Palestinian terrorist, who is then killed by the security forces.
But according to the Italian daily La Republica, CNN, CBS, The New York Times and the website of the Italian daily Il Corriere della Sera, the story was different. “Four die in violent stabbing at Jaffa Gate”, said CNN, and CBS was even more frugal in its count: “2 Palestinians killed after stabbing attack in Jerusalem”.
The office of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, complained to the American broadcaster and the headline was changed to “2 Israelis dead after stabbing attack in Jerusalem; 2 Palestinian assailants killed”.
“We believe that adding two terrorists with two victims into ‘four dead’ is not only dishonest journalism, it is incitement”. Netanyahu’s office accused.
The Associated Press and The New York Times also described the Palestinian terrorists as victims of Israel. “2 Palestinians killed following stabbing attack in Jerusalem”. They then changed the headline to: “2 Palestinian attackers killed, two Israelis die in Jerusalem”. So terrorists are “killed” while Jews simply “die”?
La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera, the two most popular newspapers in Italian, didn’t run the word “terrorist” anywhere but wrote about “150 people” killed so far in this Third Intifada, putting together attackers and attacked, the Palestinian Arab terrorists and the Israeli civilians, in a sort of hideous moral equivalence.
La Repubblica even ran a picture where you see Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem to deliver Jesus, stopped by the “wall” built by Israel. A great anti-Semitic Christmas classic.
Day after day, for three months, the Western media has obscured the true story of this war on the Israelis: 170 attacks against Israel, 25 deaths and 270 seriously injured. 127 Palestinians killed, but 88 of them terrorists and the others in clashes with the Israeli army... Read more.