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Published on 11 September 2017

#Crif #LivryGargan - The Crif condemns the anti-Semitic attack in Livry Gargan

The Crif extends his total solidarity and wishes quick recovery to Roger Pinto and his family. The international press echoed the scandalous assault against them. Given the exceptionally grave nature of this new anti-Semitic assault, we send you a press review in this special newsletter.

Press release - Sunday September 10th, 2017

The Crif powerfully condemns the very violent and anti-Semitic aggression of a Jewish family sequestered, tied up, beaten and stolen at their home in Livry Gargan (Paris region).

For the President of the Crif, Francis Kalifat, "this odious act is the proof, if need be, that the Jews of France are particularly threatened in the streets and within their homes. This is very worrying.
After the atrocious murder of Sarah Halimi at her home, this new aggression must lead the authorities of our country to a heightened vigilance and exemplary and dissuasive sanctions."


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