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Published on 23 December 2014

Mission in Israel

By Robert Ejnes, CRIF Executive Director

CRIF President Roger Cukierman and a delegation of members of the Executive Committee of CRIF, heads of Regional CRIF chapters and CRIF Executive Director were in Israel at the end of November.  They met with President Rivlin, several Ministers of the Netanyahu Government, with Knesset Members, and with Natan Sharansky, President of Jewish Agency.  They met with WJC representatives in Israel, and with Robert Singer, WJC's Vice-President and CEO.  The delegation also visited an Iron Dome base and Ashdod where a large French community is living.  The delegation met with Ashdod's Mayor Dr Lasry and with representatives of the French speaking associations.  

The delegation had meetings with INSS, Israel largest Think Tank, and with a large representation of French journalists in Israel.

The visit, the first since Roger Cukierman took over the Presidency in May 2013 was very intense in the context of the rise of French anti-Semitism and of the rapid surge of Aliyah from France.  


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