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Published on 23 December 2014

Recognition of the Palestinian state by French National Assembly

A resolution of the Socialist Group calling on the government to recognize the Palestinian state was submitted to the French National Assembly. CRIF had expressed its opposition to such a move considered as a political and diplomatic mistake. He called on parliamentarians not to vote in favor of this resolution, as the resolution did not respect the spirit of the Oslo agreements, which promotes the principle of direct negotiations between the parties.

For the past weeks, CRIF’s President and leaders have launched a multiple-dimension campaign against the resolution recognizing unilaterally the State of Palestine presented in the French Parliament.

Roger Cukierman intervened and spoke to decision-makers, including advisors of President Hollande and the Prime Minister’s Office. He spoke with the Presidents of both the National Assembly and the Senate, with the political leaders of the parliamentary majority and opposition, with the presidents of political groups, presidents of Foreign affairs Committees and the France-Israel Friendship groups.

The 13 regional delegations of CRIF joined the campaign to raise awareness and contact decision-makers through phone calls, meetings, letters to MPs and senators, and they encouraged them to vote against the resolution.

An intensive digital campaign was also launched on social networks, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the newsletter of CRIF.

The French National Assembly passed the resolution submitted by the Socialist Group calling on the government to recognize the Palestinian state by 339 votes in favor, 151 against on Tuesday December the 2th 2014.  68 MPs did not participate in the vote and 16 abstained. Nearly all socialists, environmentalists, and the radical left voted for the text, while the vast majority of the MPs from the right, UMP and the UDI voted against.

CRIF expressed his regrets of the vote.

Roger Cukierman, President of CRIF, declared:

"This vote does not provide any opportunity to accelerate the prospect of a peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

It puts France, which enjoyed a unique relationship with both the Palestinians with the Israelis, in the cohort of nations, and he might lose his ability to arbitrate in the negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians in the spirit of the Oslo agreements.

Finally, it endangers the Jewish community in France by suggesting to the July rioters that this vote is the result of their events, and it gives them the desire to continue their anti-Jewish violence.”

CRIF regrets this vote, which can only bring disadvantages without providing any benefit.


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