Published on 30 May 2014

Brussels attack fruit of Muslim incitement

By Noah Klieger published in Yedioth Aharonot May 26, 2014

As long as European authorities fail to take drastic measures against anti-Israel instigators, murderous attacks on Jews will only increase.

It was only a matter of time. The writing – or, to be more precise, the writings – has been on the wall for years. And not just in Europe. I would even dare say that, surprisingly, there have only been a few murderous attacks against Jews or Jewish institutions.

We could go back to Paris, about eight years ago, to the lynching of the Jewish Ilan Halimi; or to Toulouse, about two years ago, to the murder of three students and a teacher at a Jewish school; or to Kansas City, about a month ago, to the murder of three people in two Jewish institutions – and now the attack on the Jewish museum in Brussels.

For years, Muslim extremists and their many supporters in many countries around the globe – mainly in Europe – have been systematically inciting against the Jewish state in particular and the Jews in general.

For some reason, those professional instigators are supported by many television and radio stations, led by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – but also stations in Germany, France, Scandinavian countries and more – which broadcast programs and alleged news reports presenting Israel as a terror state which engages in the coldblooded murder of children and women in the alleged occupied territories and sows havoc in the towns and villages in the Gaza Strip… Read more.

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