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Published on 13 October 2016

#Monde - Le gouvernement britannique gèle son aide à l'Autorité palestinienne qui subventionne des familles de terroristes

Le gouvernement britannique a décidé de geler une partie de son aide à l'Autorité palestinienne (AP).
Publié sur European Jewish Press le 11 octobre 2016, sous le titre "British government freezes aid to Palestinian Authority over scandal of salaries paid to convicted terrorists"
Le Département du gouvernement britannique pour le développement international (DFID) a décidé de geler une partie de son aide à l'Autorité palestinienne (AP), après qu'une enquête a été initiée sur des fonds qui seraient reversés aux familles de terroristes palestiniens auteurs d'attentats meurtriers.
The British government’s Department for International Development (DFID) has frozen part of its aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) pending an investigation into the scandal of aid money being paid to convicted Palestinian prisoners, including those convicted for terrorist offences, The Sun newspaper reported. 
The Department’s Minister, Priti Patel, has ordered a review of the PA’s role in funding salaries to terrorists, effectively freezing some £25 million (roughly $30 million) in the current fiscal year, or about one-third of the UK’s total aid to the PA. 
Britain spends hundreds of millions of pounds supporting the PA through direct grants and a lump sum to UNWRA. 
Several organisations have been campaigning to raise awareness of the scandal, demanding an urgent review. 
The umbrella representative body of the British Jewish community, the Board of Deputies, praised the Minister’s decision. 
“The Board of Deputies of British Jews welcomes reports that International Development Secretary Priti Patel has ordered a suspension of aid payments to the Palestinian Authority in order to investigate claims that British tax money is reaching terrorists and their families through the Palestinian Liberation Organization,” the group said... Lire l'intégralité.

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