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Published on 5 May 2017

#Israel - L'autorité palestinienne rejette la demande "folle" d'arrêter de rémunérer les prisonniers

Le fonctionnaire de l'AP a également déclaré que «les prisonniers sont victimes d'Israël et le résultat de l'occupation»
Shaath, a senior foreign policy adviser to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, said Thursday that anyone who expects the Palestinian leadership to halt payments to Palestinian prisoners serving sentences in Israeli security prisons must be "mad." 
During an interview with Israel Radio, he added that such a demand would severely damage any prospects of Middle East peace negotiations.
Shaath also stated that "the prisoners are victims of Israel and the result of the occupation," and likened the demand to halt payments to the prisoners, some of whom are convicted murderers, to asking Israel to stop paying the salaries of its soldiers." 
The senior adviser, however, said that Trump's invitation to Abbas was a good starting point between the Palestinian Authority and the new US administration, expressing his "appreciation" for the "respectful" approach of the president in an attempt to relaunch the peace process. 
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