Published on 23 February 2018

#News - Press release from Security services of French jewish community after burns discovered on a rabbi's baby body

Before being relayed, information must be decrypted, analyzed and checked with the competent authorities. That is the way that Crif strives to work to deliver, every day, accurate, precise and exhaustive information. This is why Crif takes the time to check the details to provide you with verified information. Following the discovery of burns on the body of the girl of a Rabbi from Lyon, Crif invites you to read the press release of the SPCJ ( Security services of French jewish community) which invites first to follow the progress of the investigation.
Press release from Security services of French jewish community (SPCJ)
On Monday, in Bron (69, Lyon area), a 14-month-old itching baby girl was taken to the hospital.
The doctors have found first-degree burns on her body. That same morning, the stroller of the child, usually placed in the hall of the building, was found lacerated. A product, of unknown origin at this stage of the investigation, was allegedly dumped on the stroller. Following the advice of the doctors, the girl was allowed to go home the same day. She feels better. 
A complaint has been filed to shed light on the facts. 
Our team accompanies and advises the family. 
Police and SPCJ take the facts very seriously. We are at the time of the investigation which will have to decide as soon as possible on this issue.

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