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Holocaust remembrance - A return to Auschwitz, 75 years after liberation (VIDEO)

revuedepresse | 17 February 2020
This broadcast published on CBS in the USA underscores the importance of perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust, and of preserving the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau, featuring survivors who returned for the 75th anniversary of liberation ceremony, and WJC President Ronald S. Lauder.

Crif - WJC affiliate in France teams up with Shoah Memorial to teach students about the Holocaust

actualites | 19 February 2020
The Representative Council of Jews of France (Crif), an affiliate of the World Jewish Congress, partnered with the Shoah Memorial to organize a visit for students from Seine-Saint-Denis - a French department northeast of Paris - to the memorial late last month.
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Francis Kalifat speech at the ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Vel d'Hiv
"The strength of a Nation always lies in the the way it looks at its History and and its ability to teach it to future generations".
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