Crif/Antisemitism - France rallies to denounce anti-Semitic insults at protests

19 February 2019
Mass rallies are planned in Paris and other French cities Tuesday to denounce a flare-up of anti-Semitic acts which culminated in a violent tirade against a prominent writer during "yellow vest" anti-government protests last weekend.

Europe - Anti-Semitism: Germany sees '10% jump in offences' in 2018

14 February 2019
The German government has revealed a sharp increase in the number of anti-Semitic offences recorded last year.

Antisemitism - Juden' Scrawled Across Bagel Shop in Paris Jewish Quarter

11 February 2019
Police are investigating the incident, which French Jewish umbrella group says 'recalls the darkest hours of history'.

Europe - Germany Still Has a Holocaust Problem

22 January 2019
40 years ago a U.S. TV series, initially slammed as 'cheap' and 'kitsch,' forced West Germans to confront the Holocaust. Today, 40 percent of German high schoolers can't explain what happened in Auschwitz

France - Antisemitism among yellow vest protesters demoralizes France's Jews

15 January 2019
There is ample evidence of the presence of far-right agitators in the Yellow Vests movement, including the neo-Nazi activist Herve Ryssen, who was spotted at such a rally as early as Nov. 17.

Antisemitism - 37 Tombstones Desecrated at Jewish Cemetery in France

17 December 2018
“When a place of recollection is desecrated, it’s the entire Republic that is sullied,” Christophe Castaner, France’s interior minister, wrote on Twitter after visiting the cemetery in Herrlisheim. “Everything is being done to identify and detain the authors of this desecration.”

Europe - European Commission welcomes the Council Declaration on the fight against Antisemitism

06 December 2018
Joint statement by First Vice-President Timmermans and Commissioner Jourová welcoming the Council Declaration on the fight against Antisemitism

Europe/Antisemitism - Anti-Semitism never disappeared in Europe. It's alive and kicking

28 November 2018
CNN poll reveals anti-Semitism is alive and well in Europe.

Europe/Antisemitism - Spain apologizes for cancelling water polo match against Israel due to BDS

28 November 2018
Spain’s minister for sports apologized for the canceling of a water polo match in Barcelona against an Israeli team due to the organizer’s decision to boycott it.

Europe/Antisemitism - Theresa May stands up against antisemitism

28 November 2018
Prime Minister Theresa May spoke at a reception in Downing Street on antisemitism and misogyny.

Zionism - Walter Laqueur, Scholar of Terrorism and the Holocaust, Dies at 97

08 October 2018
Walter Laqueur, who fled Nazi Germany as a teenager and, without a college degree, became a distinguished scholar of the Holocaust, the collapse of the Soviet Union, European decline, the Middle East conflict and global terrorism, died on Sunday at his home in Washington. He was 97.

Antisemitism - Crif notes failure of French political parties to adopt IHRA

28 September 2018
“Our hope is to see this definition integrated into French law. Today, the main vector for antisemitism is anti-Zionism and this definition states clearly that anti-Zionism isn’t just criticism against Israel."

Culture - In J.K. Rowling’s New Novel, the Villain Is an Israel-hating anti-Semite

26 September 2018
For months author J.K. Rowling has been warning about the dangers of anti-Semitism in England, sparring on Twitter with critics who downplay the phenomenon.

Crif - French Jewish Leader Blasts Politician Who Called Macron ‘President Rothschild’

03 September 2018
President of the Crif umbrella group says 'revolting' tweet by Republican used 'anti-Semitic language from the 1930s.

Crif - "Antisemitism in France Has Moved ‘From Streets Into Homes" Says Head of French Jewish Community

30 August 2018
Francis Kalifat underlined that “what used to be attacks on buildings, or insults thrown in the street, has evolved into the most violent acts.”


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