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Published on 5 June 2015

Abbas awards terrorist with "Star of Honor"

Mahmoud Abbas a honoré une terroriste de la Médaille militaire de l’AP.


By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Ziberdik, published on Palestinian Media Watch June 4, 2015
Last week, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas awarded terrorist Fatima Barnawi with the "Military Star of Honor." Barnawi placed a bomb in a movie theater in Jerusalem in 1967 in an attempt to murder civilians. The bomb was discovered and Barnawi spent 10 years in Israeli prison.
Official PA TV News reported on the ceremony at which Abbas himself presented terrorist Barnawi with the honor. Tayeb Abdel Rahim, Secretary General of the Presidency, read aloud the Abbas' Presidential Decree in honor of the terrorist: " In appreciation for her pioneering role in the struggle,her sacrifice for her homeland and her people, and its revolution, and her willingness to give from the beginning until now..." Read more.

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