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Published on 7 September 2017

#Antisemitism - New anti-Semitism or boycotts? Jew hatred and the BDS movement

Is the BDS movement a flavor of the new anti-Semitism spreading throughout the world? It appears that the modern discourse on the delegitimization of Israel has given rise to vitriolic rhetoric which unquestionably serves as mask for underlying anti-Semitism.

Published on the in Ynet

“Jews go home!,” "Jews have no place in the State of Israel”: These were some of the chants expressed, not in demonstrations in Arab countries, but rather on university campuses across the globe in protests whose main rallying cry was utterly bereft of any link to Israel.

In the recent years during which the BDS movement has reared its head, it seems that anti-Semitic remarks and sentiments have become a common theme and a matter of trivia. Perhaps even more pernicious, they have taken on a pretense of liberalism which appears to thrive on unremitting criticism of Israel.

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