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Published on 15 June 2016

#Conspiracytheory - Conspiracy theory is a step to jihadist radicalization

The link between complotism and radicalism is proved.

They tell you that God has chosen you and that you're right because the world is a lie

Interview with Gerald Bronner, published in the JDD June 14, 2016
Sociologist Gerald Bronner has studied complotists theories and radicalization in the religious and political spheres. And both are more related than it seems. Interview.
You study the mechanisms of credulity. Why do people believe in complotistes theories?
The conspiracy theory is very appealing. There is an effect of "re-enchantment" when you to discover the backstage : it is much more exciting than the dreary news. To know "what really frame" gives the impression of being more intelligent than the others, it gives them an added value in their social space. They have the impression of belonging to some kind of an aristocracy, while the others are either "sheep", or "watchdogs". Furthermore, the conspiracy theory allows to find consistency in incoherent events. It tells you : "You think the attacks of Charlie Hebdo are a coincidence ? you have'nt noticed that just some days before France voted in favor of a Palestinian state ? It's the State of Israel who punished France with these attacks. " Two events that have nothing to do with each other are suddenly linked and made consistent in a theory. As if a veil was lifted, creating great intellectual satisfaction ...
What is the link between conspiracy theory and radicalization?
The link between conspiracy theory and radicalism is quite proved (see Dutch researchers study published in Social Psychological & Personality Science Journal). The complotisme is a step in the jihadist radicalization. It aroused such moral indignation that one needs a revolution. And punishment, because in a Manichean reading, there is good and bad, and one must punish those guilty with violence. The jihadist radicalization offers a reading inspired by a theme of victimhood, of a Muslim world that is a victim of the Western world's plot to enslave Muslims, or to create a third world war. Those who think that the attacks of 13 November in France have not been carried out by terrorists invoking Islam believe that the aim was to provoke a war of civilizations, so that the West can finally eradicate Islam. This is called the theory of "the dogs fight"... Read more.

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