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Published on 23 October 2017

#Europe - Polish Woman, 100, Who Saved Jewish Girl During Holocaust Named Righteous Among the Nations

Aleksandra Cybulska and her husband housed Sonia Berkowicz, whose family was killed in the Holocaust, and gave her a false certificate identifying her as a Christian.

Published on the of October 2017 in Haaretz

A 100-year-old Polish woman was recognized as a Righteous Among the Nations last week for her role in saving the life of a Jewish girl during the Holocaust.
Aleksandra Cybulska received the recognition, which is awarded by the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial museum, at her home in the northern Polish town of Gdynia last Thursday. It was presented by Israel’s deputy ambassador to Poland, Ruth Cohen-Dar. 
Cybulska’s husband, Kazimierz Cybulska, who died in 2002 at age 94, was also declared a Righteous Among the Nations. 
The two were awarded the recognition for having protected a Jewish girl, Sonia Berkowicz. They were friends of Sonia’s parents, Gershon and Idel Berkowicz.
The Nazis deported the Berkowicz family to the Kleck ghetto near Minsk, which is now part of Belarus. In the spring of 1942, Sonia Berkowicz and her brothers knocked on the Cybulskas’ door in the village of Jakszyce and asked for food. For a few days, the Polish couple sheltered all the siblings in their home, but later, the brothers returned to the ghetto and Sonia remained there alone.

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