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Published on 15 June 2016

#France - During June 14 demonstrations in Paris, Children's hospital violently dammaged

French PM : "this violence is intolerable".

President Francois Hollande warned that future street protests might be banned if the safety of people is threatened

Published in the Daily Mail June 15, 2016
French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says it's "intolerable" that violent protesters smashed windows of operating rooms at a renowned children's hospital on the fringes of a labor demonstration.
Valls, visiting the Necker Hospital on Wednesday, denounced what he called unprecedented violence against a hospital, and urged unions to halt their months of protest.
Largely peaceful demonstrations against legislation weakening rigid French labor protections have routinely degenerated into violence by small groups.
On Tuesday, masked troublemakers hurled paving stones and other projectiles at businesses and the Necker Hospital. Some 30 police officers and protesters were injured.
Necker is among the world's leading children's hospitals, and patients come from around the world for advanced surgery and treatment for cancer and other diseases.
President Francois Hollande warned Wednesday that future street protests might be banned if the safety of people and public property are threatened... Read more.

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