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Published on 16 June 2016

#France - Facing these acts of free violence, all understand very well that the republican ideal is derided

The authority, soccer and nationalism, seen by Luc Ferry.

Today, the political talk fails, because political thought has failed

By Luc Ferry, former French Minister of Education,published on Le Figarovox June 15, 2016
Under the shock of the brutal murder of Magnanville, threatened in their own homes, forced to endure the last gasps of a CGT in free fall, despite the appearances, our security forces, harassed by hordes of drunken and violent morons, are starting to find, despite their professionalism and courage, the time long and painful. We want to believe that these "excesses" have nothing to do with football. We continue to present it as a moral model for young people, a popular show, necessarily adorned with all virtues.
Corrupted to the core in its organization, rotten by the king money, this is however no coincidence if it is the football that arouses such a wave of hatred and stupidity. There were almost 18 000 people in the final of Roland Garros, and nothing like this happened. Claiming that it's related to the fact that tennis is an aristocratic sport and football is a mass sport is just an insult to the people... Read more.

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