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Published on 19 May 2017

#France - A New President in France

Beyond Macron’s ability to curb the trend toward social and political division, heightened by the recent presidential election, France’s new president will be judged according to his performance on three tightly-linked issues : significant economic change, a restored sense of security, and revitalization of the European Union.

Published by INSS, May 9, 2017

Political and economic logic forces Macron into close cooperation with Germany, and France and Germany will dominate the EU after the UK’s withdrawal from the organization. A general improvement in the sense of security will have a positive effect on the Jews in France, who are exposed to increasing physical and verbal harassment by nationalistic and Muslim anti-Semitic groups.

There are reasonable grounds for optimism about economic recovery, success in the struggle against terrorism, and the strengthening of the moderate liberal center. At the same time, positive outcomes are not assured and depend, more than anything else, on a restoration of confidence among Europeans in the ideas on which the EU is based and the ability of the organization and its member states to provide them with physical and economic security.

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