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Published on 8 June 2015

French PM Manuel Valls: « France will not Boycott Israel »

«Il n’est pas question d’un Boycott français d’Israël», a insisté Manuel Valls, s’adressant à la Député israélienne Stav Shaffir, lors du Congrès du Parti Socialiste.

By Lahav Harkov, published in the Jerusalem Post June 7, 2015
France is not talking about a Boycott and there won’t be a Boycott”, he said. “What concerns us is the situation in Gaza and the lack of progress toward a diplomatic solution”. Valls warned that if there is no peace agreement, terrorist organizations in the area, like Islamic State, could grow stronger.
Shaffir represented the Zionist Union at the congress, where she met with government officials and parliamentarians to try to strengthen their ties with Israel. “I was happy to hear the French prime minister’s commitment to French Jewry and to Israel, but I heard from other senior officials that they were very frustrated about our lack of diplomatic progress”, she said… Lire l’intégralité.

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