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Published on 20 May 2016

French police car set on fire in Paris during labour reform riots

Caught on camera, the shocking moment mob of protesters surround police car during violent Paris protests before smashing windows and setting it on fire with officers trapped inside.

Shockingly when one of the officers has to leave the vehicle he is brutally assaulted by one of the protestors

Published in the Daily Mail May 18, 2016
Terrifying video footage shows a Parisian police car being smashed to pieces and set ablaze while the officers are still inside. In the shocking footage a violent mob hurls missiles and breaks the windows of the vehicle, on a day where police across France were themselves protesting at the excessive force used by protestors.
When one of the policemen is forced to exit the car he is set upon by a masked male who viciously attacks him. When the officers then make a hasty retreat their vehicle erupts into a burning fireball.
Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve offered his "full support" to police following the weekly Cabinet meeting. He said the police have instructions to take "firm action" against those involved in violent clashes... Read more.

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