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Published on 4 October 2017

#Israel - This Israeli Arab Couple Is Building a Sukkah, Hoping to Destroy Jewish-Muslim Stereotypes

Khalil and Reem Bakly, two Muslims from northern Israel, are inviting Jews and Arabs from near and far to join them at their super-sized, 100% kosher sukkah for food, music, laughs and discussion.

Published on the 4th of October 2017 in Haaretz

UPPER NAZARETH – To accommodate the huge number of guests they’re expecting over the holiday, these two Israeli dentists have built a super-sized sukkah. And in keeping with the time-honored Jewish tradition, they got to work on it as soon as the Yom Kippur fast ended on Saturday night.
Khalil and Reem Bakly, however, aren’t Jewish. They’re Muslim Arabs. This is their first sukkah ever, and there’s good reason to believe it’s the only temporary outdoor hut of this type being built in Israel this year – and presumably most years before that as well – by an Arab family.

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