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Published on 28 September 2017

#Israel - Israeli Intelligence Helped Thwart Dozens of Terror Attacks Worldwide

Rise in ISIS terror attacks prompted Israeli intelligence organizations to strengthen cooperation with counterparts in friendly countries
Published on the 26th of September 2017 in Haaretz
The Israeli intelligence community has shared information with other countries over the past two years that has helped thwart dozens of terror attacks about to be perpetrated by Islamists who were in contact with members of Islamic State and Middle Eastern factions identified with Al-Qaida. 
As part of the international effort to fight radical Islamic terror, Israeli intelligence bodies have tightened coordination with counterparts in friendly countries in recent years. Until now, there have been reports of Israeli warnings that helped thwart attacks such as the one planned by ISIS terrorists at a soccer game between host Albania and Israel. 
In other cases, various media outlets reported that Israel had sent warnings before attacks in Belgium, Turkey and France. Some of the warnings were sufficient to thwart attacks. Last May, a storm arose after American papers reported that U.S. President Donald Trump had revealed in a conversation with the Russian foreign ministers details about warnings that Israel had issued regarding a plan by ISIS to blow up passenger jets flying to Europe using explosives planted inside laptop computers.


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