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Published on 28 November 2017

#Memory - A Powerful and Sadly Always Relevant ‘Anne Frank’ at Moxie Theatre

Sad to say, “The Diary of Anne Frank” never goes out of style.

Published by Times of Sandiego

Though there will always be Holocaust deniers, it seems there will also always be a massacre or genocide somewhere on the planet at any given time. And though the news will be reported, the voice of a blossoming teenager and budding writer, emerging from a place of fear and horror, humanizes the inhumanity, touching the heart and soul.

It’s been 75 years since German-born Anne and her family (mother, father and sister Margot) and four others went into hiding for two years, in a small, secret Annex in Amsterdam, with the Nazi threat always just beyond the hidden doorway.

The total area for these Jews-in-hiding was 500 square feet; Anne considered it to be “ideal,” relatively “luxurious” compared to where others were forced to take refuge, or where her friends might be.


Her diary, written when she was 13-15 years old, was published in 1947, after her death (at age 16, in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp, shortly before liberation and the end of the war). This one very particular story obviously has universal appeal; it has been translated into 60 languages.

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