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Published on 3 February 2016

Poll: 70 percent of French oppose call to remove kippah, saying it would be giving in to terrorists

More than two-­thirds of French citizens are opposed to the suggestion that the kippah should be removed in public places, a survey found.

Published on the World Jewish Congress Website, January 19, 2016
Seventy percent of respondents in an opinion poll commissioned by the 'Paris Match' magazine said it would be giving in to terrorists if Jews were forced to remove their yarmulkes for security reasons.
The survey was conducted last week after a heated debate erupted in France following one Jewish community leader’s call for Jews in Marseille not to wear their religious headgear.
Earlier last week, a kippah-clad Jewish teacher in Marselle was stabbed by a 15­-year-­old ISIS symapthizer.
In the representative survey of 1,011 adults, 36 percent of respondents said they “absolutely agreed” with the assertion by French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia, who had called on French Jews to keep wearing yarmulkes “to not give in to the terrorists.”
Another 34 percent indicated they “pretty much agree.”
Ten percent of respondents, who were pre­selected overall to represent French society’s voting pattern distribution, said they “totally disagree” and another 19 percent said they “rather disagree”... Read more.

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