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Published on 15 June 2016

This summer, Google France will send youtubers on the roads angainst hate speech

A 100-day tour, called "Yourself, you film".

Initiatives to favor counterspeech

By Guillaume Champeau, published on Mumerama June 14, 2016
Google France has announced that it will host this summer, from July 4, a serie of meetings between youth, YouTubers and experts, to encourage them to create positive videos against hate speech.
On Monday, a meeting was held with 40 associations, the Net Positive Forum, to discuss initiatives in the fight against hate speech, particularly against jihadists on the Internet. The meeting was organized in partnership with Facebook and Twitter.
The French subsidiary of Google unveiled, during the meeting, concrete initiatives, not only to prevent the spread of terrorism apology speech, but to favor counterspeech... Read more.

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