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Published on 17 June 2016

In tense France, man detained suspected of attack plots

The suspect has been under surveillance for radicalism.

He's a convert, radicalized on the Internet and was listed on french security S files

Published in the Sunday Express June 17, 2016
A man with links to radical Islam has been detained in southern France suspected of plotting possible attacks on American and Russian tourists and police, authorities said Thursday, amid renewed fears about Islamic State threats to France.
The man has been under surveillance for radicalism after bragging online about wanting to kill people, and has an "unstable" psychological profile, a security official said. He was detained by intelligence agents earlier this week at the train station in the medieval city of Carcassonne with a knife and a hammer, the official said.
The security official called it a routine matter as police and intelligence services seek to avert a repeat of deadly Islamic State attacks on France last year.
A judicial official said the man told investigators he wanted to attack tourists and later police. Both officials spoke only on condition of anonymity to be able to discuss an ongoing investigation.
The incident came the same week that an extremist claiming allegiance to IS stabbed two police officials to death in a Paris suburb... Read more.

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