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Published on 16 June 2016

#Terrorism - Father of an american victim of Paris attack is suing the social networks

He accuses them of allowing terrorists to publish their propaganda.

The complaint cites a report showing how Daech uses twitter to make propaganda and to recruit

Published in Le Parisien June 16, 2016
His daughter, Nohemi, was at the bar "La Belle Equipe", on November 13, 2015. She is the only American victim of the attacks.
Reynaldo Gonzalez decided to bring to justice Facebook, Twitter and Google.
According to several US media, he accuses them of allowing Daech and other jihadist organizations to make their propaganda and attract new recruits on their platforms.
He accuses, among others, the videos and pictures of decapitation circulating on these media.
The complaint was filed Tuesday in northern California. It recalls how Daech can communicate, plan and execute attacks, through these social networks... Read more.

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