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Published on 16 June 2016

#Terrorism - From Orlando to Magnanville : candles and tweets are not enough to defeat the enemy

History repeats itself, and the West does not learn.

By Frédéric Saint Clair, strategy and political communication consultant, published on Le Figarovox June 15, 2016
The tragic scenes invade the screens, again. History repeats itself, and the West does not learn. To the question : How do we best defend ourselves ?, the political power adds answers, but fails to convince. Orlando and Magnanville just drew new contours to the international jihadist building ; and two individuals, without qualification or special talent, were sufficient to take short both populations, internal security services and politicians. Islamism seems to play with Western defense policies, like a puppeteer with his puppet.
With each attack, the reactions are identical : tears, outrage, compassionate profusion of comments on social networks, rational explanations attempts looped on news channels, politicians recoveries... In short, a huge wave of communication that betrays the weakness and psychological confusion of the West..... Read more.

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