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Published on 16 June 2016

#Terrorism - Police : what new means to fight jihadists?

From retention in tougher sentences, proposals fuse.

What meaning has a short sentence, for someone whose terrorist vocation remains intact?

By Jean-Marc Leclerc, published in Le Figaro June 15, 2016
Police have not yet dried its tears, and politics seize Magnanville drama to propose the solutions that are missing in the legislative arsenal, yet well stocked, of counter-terrorism.
Without waiting, Republicans Deputies Éric Ciotti, Guillaume Larrivé and Christian Jacob filed a bill that strikes the mind. Its key measure: "Give the interior minister the power to summon, in a closed detention center, every individual in respect of whom there are serious reasons to consider that he could represent, by its conduct, serious threat to national security." An alternative : "electronic monitoring." These ideas were already sketched by Nicolas, Sarkozy after the attacks in 2015.
Furthermore, the former anti-terrorism judge Marc Trévidic has often criticized the weakness of correctional penalties for individuals prosecuted over criminal conspiracy with the goal to commit terrorist acts. The three depuities propose to raise from 10 to 15 years the penalty for this offense.
More iconoclast : they want to remove the penalties reductions and  facilities for profiles like the killer of Magnanville police couple. They even want to build a security detention "against perpetrators of certain terrorist crimes". Deprivation of liberty after the prison sentence, for the most dangerous ones. In the name of all safety. These cases would be followed, medically and socially.
The police listen, observe. Céline Berthon, chief of the "Syndicat des commissaires de la police nationale" (SCPN), tells they have a lot of questions about Justice. "First, they want to be better protected, with anonymous procedures, protection of their identity, in order not to become targets. Then, they question short sentences. "
For, according to Commissioner Berthon, "what sense has a short sentence, for someone whose vocation terrorist remains intact? "... Read more.

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