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Published on 30 June 2016

#Terrorism - Policemen killed : the message of gratitude from the family of Jean-Baptiste Salvaing

"Let each of us make the choice of peace and not of violence".

The sacrifice of Jessica and Jean-Baptiste will then not be for nothing

Published in Le Figaro June 30, 2016
The National Police shared, Wednesday, June 29, on its Twitter account, the letter of thanks from the family of Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, written by his father, who thanked all the many people who sent messages of support :
"Thank you ALL, known and unknown, who, since June 13, have expressed your lack of understanding, your sadness, your solidarity, your affection, your generosity. It is impossible to answer to all of you individually. Everyone please find in these lines the expression of our gratitude.
The extraordinary mobilization aroused by this tragedy can make us hope that now each of us will make the choice of peace and not violence, solidarity, not selfishness, unity not separation, of love and not of hatred. Jessica and Jean-Baptiste's sacrifices will then not be for nothing". 
The French police Twitter account has also announced that, at the invitation of Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, the footballer Antoine Griezmann gave, as a present, the ball of the match France-Ireland, to the son of Jean-Baptiste Salvaing ... Read more.

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