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Published on 9 June 2016

'Thanks to the technical team, without which this "shootout" could not have taken place...'

Some semantic corrections are needed!

When the medias show empathy for the terrorists

Published on Rootsisrael June 9, 2016
... Ah no ! Sorry ! not "terrorists". "Individuals" writes RTL, or "assailants".
Another nice word : "attackers" used in LE POINT and L’EXPRESS.
Some medias used the word "shooter", like LE PARISIEN, who took risks, bravo!
The NY TIMES was even braver, I must say, using the words "Gunman kills".
Ah sorry, not "attack". They preferred to say "shootout" in COURRIER INTERNATIONAL and LE MONDE.
For LE POINT, it was okay to say "open fire".
Oh, and yes, I almost forgot! They didn't say "Sarona, family neighborhood."
No, they were more specific, explaining "next to the headquarters of the army," like BFM and LE FIGARO.
It helps to keep some empathy for the terrorists ... sorry, "the shooters".
I rephrase, then : "Thanks to the individuals for this opening fire near the headquarters of the army of Israel in Tel Aviv before the touristic season."
For those who wanted to come or already have their tickets, remember that Israel is a strong country by its unity and its defense, which is one of the greatest in the world... Read more.

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