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Published on 28 March 2016

We won't leave - that's what the terrorists want

Brussels community defiant in the face of Daesh terrorism.

By Josh Jackman, published on the Jewish Chronicle March 23, 2016
Members of Brussels' Jewish community, which has lived under police protection since it was the target of a terror attack in 2014, have spoken of their fear and defiance in the wake of the atrocities in the city on Tuesday.
Yossi Lempkowicz, a senior media adviser for the Europe Israel Press Association, said: "It's a situation I've never seen in Brussels, a crazy situation.
"People are scared. The authorities have asked people not to go outside, as it may happen elsewhere in the city, because it was a co-ordinated terror attack."
Chouna Lomponda, head of communications at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, where a jihadi gunman killed two Israeli tourists and two members of staff in 2014, said that although it was "difficult to carry on living in the country", she was determined to stay.
"If we leave Belgium, we will give the terrorists what they want. The country has to be unified.
"We don't want to leave Belgium, and we don't want to leave Brussels. And to ignore the memory of the victims, of Alexandre Strens, of Dominique Sabrier, of Emanuel and Miriam Riva? We have to continue our mission - then they didn't die for nothing"... Read more.

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