Abbas awards terrorist with "Star of Honor"

05 June 2015

Mahmoud Abbas a honoré une terroriste de la Médaille militaire de l’AP.


French Jews call out FM on policies seen as endangering France-Israel ties

04 June 2015

Cukierman also complained about the reception in March of Salah Hamouri, a member of a Palestinian terrorist group.

French antiterrorism judge leads fight against jihadism

15 April 2015

For Marc Trévidic, the terror attacks that killed 17 in Paris in January hit close to home.

As the antiterrorism judge who leads the fight in France against homegrown jihadism, his worst fear — an assault — had not only materialised but one of the victims was Franck Brinsolaro, his former bodyguard.

France to compensate American survivors of Holocaust

23 December 2014

CRIF has been working with French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to push for a solution for the survivors of the Holocaust living in the US and who had not been offered reparations after having been deported from France. CRIF has met with Ambassador Sparaccino-Thiellay, delegate of the French Ministry and with Stuart Eisenstadt, the US negociator.

By Karen DeYoung, published in the Washington Post, 12/05/2014

France has agreed to pay reparations to American survivors of the Holocaust who were deported to Nazi death camps in French trains, after a year of negotiations with the Obama administration.

French PM after rape of Jewish woman: Fight against anti-Semitism is daily struggle

23 December 2014

By Michelle Malka Grossman, published in the Jerusalem Post, 12/04/2014

Following the rape of a Jewish woman in a suburb of Paris on Monday, Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls condemned the attack as vile and said that it demonstrated that the fight against anti-Semitism is a daily struggle. Valls also expressed support for the victims' families. The French leader made the comments on twitter on Thursday.  

François Hollande condemns violent assault on Paris couple

23 December 2014

Published in the Guardian, 12/04/2014

French President François Hollande on Thursday described as “unbearable” an attack on a couple by assailants who apparently targeted them because the man is Jewish. The intruders stormed into their flat, raped the woman and stole jewellery and bank cards.

Veteran French Jewish Leader Roger Cukierman Warns That ‘France Will Fall Into the Hands of Either Shari’a Law or the Front National’

23 December 2014

By Ben Cohen, published in the Algemainer, 12/10/2014

Roger Cukierman, the veteran president of CRIF, the representative body of French Jews, has issued an extraordinary warning concerning the potential fate of his community.

“Jews will leave in large numbers and France will fall into the hands of either Shari’a Law or the Front National,” Cukierman declared at a rally against anti-Semitism in the suburb of Creteil last Sunday, to loud applause from the assembled crowd…

photo D.R

Italian Aliyah Expected To Double in 2014

24 November 2014

Published By JTA

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Economic Crisis Hard On Rome's 12,000 Jewish Shopkeepers

Italy is experiencing a sharp upsurge in Jews making aliyah.

It's an alarm signal, says France's new chief rabbi

11 July 2014

Interview of Haim Korsia in the Jewish Chronicle, June 27, 2014

The newly elected Chief Rabbi of France, Haim Korsia, has a stiff task ahead of him - and he knows it. The exodus of large numbers of French Jews is an "alarm signal", he said on Wednesday. "Jews have been killed, such as Ilan Halimi, and there were the shootings in Toulouse and in Brussels. In general, Jews feel vulnerable in our society.

Le Pen fails to create far-right EP faction

11 July 2014

By Nikolaj Nielsen, published in EuObserver June 24, 2014

Far-right duo Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders have failed to form a group in the European Parliament.

French Jews flock to Israel in increasing numbers

11 July 2014

Published in the San Fransisco Gate June 19, 2014

David Kadoch, of France who moved to Israel in August, talks to The Associated Press in Paris, Wednesday June 18, 2014. Record numbers of French Jews are leaving for Israel, citing dim economic prospects and a sense of being caught between an increasingly influential far right and militant Islam. About 5,000 are on track to leave this year, the most since the founding of Israel in 1948. 

Number of French Jews Emigrating to Israel Rises

11 July 2014

By Dan Bilefsky, published in the New York Times June 20, 2014

For Tiffany Taieb Nizard, the decision to abandon France for Israel came this month when a French-born man was accused of gunning down four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels in an anti-Semitic attack.

A ‘new anti-Semitism’ rising in France

11 July 2014

By Anthony Faiola, published in the Washington Post June 20, 2014

“I am not an anti-Semite,” French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala says with a devilish grin near the start of his hit show at this city’s Théâtre de la Main d’Or.

Then come the Jew jokes.

Strong message of solidarity and support from French President Hollande to Israeli PM Netanyahu

11 July 2014

By Joseph Byron, published in European Jewish Press July 10, 2014

French President Francois Hollande expressed his country’s solidarity with Israel in the face of rocket fire from Gaza, in a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. ‘’The President of the Republic reiterated ‘’that France strongly condemns these aggressions," said a statement released by the Elysee Palace, the French presidency. 

Far-right’s election success worries European Jewry

30 May 2014

By Sam Sokol, published in the Jerusalem Post, May 27, 2014

Muslims, Jews join against xenophobia; head of European rabbinical conference says election results, attacks in Brussels, Paris "are an ominous sign."

Gains by the far-right in the European Union Parliament have Jewish communities on the continent nervous as they ponder a future in which parties they see as anti-Semitic secure increasing influence over policy.


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