1. Read in the news
    Published on 29 March 2016

    France : Jihad Infecting Army, Police

    Some police officers have openly refused to protect synagogues or to observe a minute of silence to commemorate the deaths of victims of terrorist attacks.

  2. Read in the news
    Published on 28 March 2016

    Moderates are losing the fight to save Islam from racists and extremists

    "We need to name the enemy, and it is extremist Islamism".

  3. News
    Published on 15 December 2015

    Antisemitism, Made in France (2000-2015)

    It is imperative to free the Jews from this climate of anxiety and fear in which they have found themselves for the last 15 years. 

  4. News
    Published on 3 November 2015

    France Outlaws BDS Anti-Semitism

    The French Supreme Court has outlawed the BDS movement and all related activities.

  5. News
    Published on 2 October 2015

    6th National Convention of the CRIF

    The CRIF will hold its 6th national convention Sunday November 1st 2015, at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.

  6. The CRIF in action
    Published on 30 September 2007

    30 month prison sentence for the desecrator of a Jewish cemetery

    His two co-defendants, Laurent Boulanger, 27, and Laurent Peterschmitt, 28, were respectively sentenced to 18 months without remission and 12 months with 6 months suspended sentence.

    Public Prosecutor Pascal Schutz had asked for three years for Rist, two years for Laurent Boulanger and one year with 8 months suspended for Laurent Peterschmitt.

  7. The CRIF in action
    Published on 16 January 2007

    Reopening of the Oldest Jewish monument in France

    “This process will include the drafting and signing in 2007 of a management contract for the monument. This will make it possible to transfer the responsibility for reopening the monument to the public from the State to a separate legal entity, for example an association promoting the monument. Such an organisation could be supported by the local authorities”, according to Pascal Clément.

    “Such a contract will have to define individual responsibilities and should make it possible to preserve the security of the jurisdictions as much as the security of the monument itself”, added the minister.

  8. The CRIF in action
    Published on 15 July 2006

    Great success for the symposium dedicated to Dreyfus organized jointly by CRIF and the City of Paris

    “To remember the Dreyfus case and draw the lessons it has to teach remains a fundamental task for today,” went on to say the Mayor of Paris, for whom “the law is the same for everyone and may be eluded by none. The claim of general interest cannot stand when the people are betrayed by lying leaders.” Bertrand Delanoë made an appeal for continuing the fight for liberty, drawing inspiration from the “astonishing tenacity” and “courage” of those who defended Dreyfus.

    Roger Cukierman, President of CRIF, insisted on the exemplary character of the Dreyfus case, which tore France apart for 12 long years. “But the victory of justice was not total. Because though Dreyfus was indeed rehabilitated, the truly guilty ones, those who fabricated the false testimonies, eluded all punishment. Thanks to a scandalous amnesty for reasons of State, not one of the guilty parties was subjected to the slightest condemnation.

    Moderated by Marc Knobel, a researcher for CRIF, the symposium, whose exact title was: “The Dreyfus case: history, memory, justice and reasons of State”, went beyond the beaten track of mere commemoration to examine, with the support of first-rate specialists, some of the lesser known aspects of the Dreyfus case. A first panel session on the theme of history and memory, was led by

    Simon Epstein, a researcher with the International Centre for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Pascal Ory, professor at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and Alain Pagès, professor of French literature at the New Sorbonne University Paris III.

    A second panel session on the theme of justice and reasons of State brought together Michel Drouin, secretary of the International History Society of the Dreyfus Affair (SIHAD), researcher with CNRS (Institute of Modern Texts and Manuscripts), Catherine Coquio, professor of comparative literature at the University of Poitiers and Philippe Oriol, publisher of Les Carnets du Capitaine Dreyfus and author of a biography of Bernard Lazare.

    This symposium, the initiative of which came from Haïm Musicant, General Director of CRIF, was organized by a joint working group from CRIF and the City of Paris.

  9. The CRIF in action
    Published on 19 September 2005


    Roger Cukierman, President of CRIF, hosted the Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe, Mr Alaro Gil-Robles.

  10. The CRIF in action
    Published on 4 August 2005


    “Let us help our youth discover the incredible aspects of the Shoah, which cannot be trivialised” said Pascal Clement, the new Minister for Justice. He pronounced himself in favour of a policy of visits to Auschwitz and other memorable places, in order to dissuade and inform young perpetrators of anti-Semitic acts. This is what he told Roger Cukierman, the president of CRIF. Together with Ariel Goldmann, member of the CRIF Executive and spokesman for the Service for the Protection of the Jewish Community, and with Haim Musicant, CRIF Managing Director, Roger Cukierman asked the French Minister for Justice to make an effort in communicating legal decisions concerning racist and anti-Semitic acts.

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