1. News
    Published on 1 July 2020

    Crif/Op-Ed - Crif welcomes the closing of the YouTube Dieudonné channel

    "Dieudonne spreaded - via his videos posted on YouTube - his antisemitic poison. He badly cursed or slandered and broadcasted obscene caricatures by putting together his miserable repertoire."

  2. News
    Published on 15 May 2020

    Crif - Francis Kalifat welcomes the French National Assembly vote on Online hate speech law

    Wednesday, May 13, the French National Assembly adopted the bill against online hate, brought by the deputy Laetitia Avia. One more step that goes in the right direction of the fight against hate on the Internet. Crif President Francis Kalifat explains why this Law is necessary.

  3. News
    Published on 13 May 2020

    Crif - Crif files lawsuit against French polemist Dieudonné

    On May 12, 2020, Crif filed a lawsuit against French polemist Dieudonné following two new videos posted on its YouTube channel. One of these videos notably features Simone Veil and the French Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson.

  4. Read in the news
    Published on 21 April 2020

    France/Antisemitism - An unwanted symptom of the coronavirus crisis in France: Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

    Anti-Semitism has plagued French society for centuries, flaring up in times of crisis, especially during epidemics.

  5. Read in the news
    Published on 15 January 2019

    France - Antisemitism among yellow vest protesters demoralizes France's Jews

    There is ample evidence of the presence of far-right agitators in the Yellow Vests movement, including the neo-Nazi activist Herve Ryssen, who was spotted at such a rally as early as Nov. 17.

  6. News
    Published on 30 June 2016

    #Crif - Francis Kalifat starts as new president of Crif

    "The job is very exposed".

  7. News
    Published on 28 March 2016

    Interview : Beate Klarsfeld

    "If Le Pen became president, we would have to leave France".

  8. Press releases
    Published on 5 March 2016

    Against a new hate tour!

    The CRIF reiterates its request to the Minister of Culture to intervene quickly.

  9. News
    Published on 3 February 2016

    European Jewish Congress Meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin

    On January 19 2016, a delegation from the EJC met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

  10. News
    Published on 3 January 2016

    CRIF vice President's speech at the 9th european seminar on the fight against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia

    Yonathan Arfi stressed the "shared destiny" between the Jewish and democratic Europe.