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Yom Hashoah - A time for remembrance

24 April 2020
Once a year, in Israel and all around the world, we commemorate "Yom Hashoah" : one day to remember the 6 millions Jews murdered during the Holocaust. This year (on Tuesday, April 21) because of the critical sanitary situation, was really special. In addition to the official commemorative ceremonies, many initiatives have been organized around the world.

Interview Crif - The Covid-19 crisis in Israel: Dror Even-Sapir answers our questions

22 April 2020
Very early in the crisis, Israel has instituted a strict lockdown and closed borders. How has the country prepared for the health crisis we are experiencing? What measures have been put in place to protect the population? The israeli top journalist Dror Even-Sapir answers our questions.

World Jewish Congress - How the Jewish communities in the world face the Coronavirus crisis?

22 April 2020
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Jewish Congress is fully committed to supporting our Jewish communities across the globe as they confront unprecedented challenges caused by this global crisis.

Press release - Covid-19: Crif postpones its annual Dinner

13 March 2020
Few days ago, given the exceptional health situation in our country, the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron had to cancel his participation in the 35th Crif Dinner scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Under these conditions, President of Crif Francis Kalifat announced the postponement of Crif 2020 Dinner.

Crif - What exactly does Crif?

02 March 2020
Fighting antisemitism and hatred, preserving the Holocaust remembrance, fully supporting the State of Israel in its sustainability and in its security... Learn about the missions and actions of the Representative Council of Jewish institutions in France (Crif).

Crif - Who is Crif President Francis Kalifat?

27 February 2020
You know his name, you know his face, but what do you really know about Francis Kalifat, the current President of Crif?


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