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Accord avec l'Iran: J'accuse !

16 Juillet 2015 | 925 vue(s)
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Suite au vote le 16 décembre 2016 du conseil municipal de Clermont-Ferrand au vœu présenté par les groupes communistes, Front de gauche et Europe écologie, vœu relatif au boycott des produits israéliens fabriqués dans « les territoires palestiniens occupés », le Maire de Clermont-Ferrand a fait paraître dans le journal local la Montagne un communiqué. La présidente du CRIF Auvergne-Rhône- Alpes lui répond…

Au lendemain des déclarations du ministre israélien de la défense, lundi 26 décembre, qualifiant la conférence de paix sur le Proche-Orient qui doit se tenir prochainement à Paris de nouveau « procès Dreyfus », le Crif a condamné des propos « maladroits ».


J'ai répondu aux questions d'Olivier Lerner dimanche 4 décembre lors de notre Convention Nationale

Halte à la discrimination d'Israel, le CRIF proteste suite à la décision d'étiqueter les produits israeliens. 

Suite à l'annonce de l'adoption de la directive de l'E.U sur l'étiquetage des produits israéliens le Crif a réagit à travers un communiqué, j'ai voulu dénoncer la décision française et l'obessession israelienne.

J'ai répondu aux questions de Sputnik news.

« Si on parlait de la France ? Français, juifs et citoyens » : c’est le thème de la 7e Convention nationale du Crif le dimanche 4 décembre au Palais des Congrès de Paris.

C’est une étonnante indifférence qui entoure la mise en lambeaux de la ville d’Alep en Syrie.

Donald Trump est un excentrique narcissique qui au cours de sa campagne électorale a fait du mensonge une arme redoutable.

Réflexion d’un professeur d’histoire-géographie sur l’abstention de la France au vote de la résolution adoptée par le comité du patrimoine mondial de l’Unesco niant tous liens entre les Juifs et les lieux saints de Jérusalem.

Vendredi 21 octobre j'étais l'invité témoin du journal de Radio J peu après le vote abérrant à l'Unesco d'une résolution sur Jérusalem




Cette période de fêtes juives en France, rime aujourd'hui avec contrôles de sécurtié et détecteurs de métaux

Portrait de Jean Pierre Allali
29 Septembre 2016
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L'ancien président de l'État d'Israël, mon ami Shimon Peres, prix Nobel de la Paix 1994 est mort dans la nuit du 28 septembre 2016. Il avait 93 ans.


Iran's Ayatollahs were behind the bloody attack that hit the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1994 that killed 84 and injured 230.

Iran is also behind the attack in Burgas, the resort in Bulgaria that resulted in several deaths. In fact, Iran is behind dozens of bombings and killings throughout the world that have targeted and continue to target Jewish, Israeli and western interests. These same Iranian mullahs and ayatollahs who promote the Islamic revolution are engaged in an open war against Israel. Iran is among the most corrupt states in the world and has empowered a handful of clerics who have enriched themselves for years on the grounds that they hold the "Truth" and use a fundamentalist Shiite Islamist ideology. 

Since the revolution in 1979, Iran has supported terrorism through its proxies like Hizbollah, amongst others. Iran also uses their special forces that are attached to the foreign service of the Iranian intelligence unit to increase their sphere of influence to perpetrate numerous attacks and are willing to become a major power in the Middle East and beyond. Imad Mugniyeh, the mega terrorist, who was killed in mysterious circumstances in Damascus, was one of the commanders of the Iranian external branch for military and terror attacks abroad. By the way, the Iranian foreign minister, Zarif, paid his respects at Mugniyeh’s grave two months ago. This same man, who is charged with signing an agreement with the west, has given full respect to a man who has French, American and Israeli blood on his hands.

Iran has a long arm, reaching as far as the Argentine State Prosecutor Alberto Nisman who formally accused the Iranian government of being behind the attack in Buenos Aires in 1994. He was the author of a report that indicted Hezbollah and was found dead in his apartment in January 2015 due to mysterious circumstances. He had issued an international arrest warrant against several senior Iranian officials, including former President Akbar Hashemi  Rafsanjani.

I acknowledge that today the West has to deal with the Islamo-fascist regime that continues to declare loud and clear that they want the total destruction of the Jewish state.

I accuse the major powers who do not want to acknowledge that Iran is a terrorist state that creates dangerous conditions for the State of Israel and the West – this agreement allows the major world powers to prefer economic and financial windfalls from activity in Iran and would rather use this state as their tool to fight ISIS, mostly in Iraq.

 It is not just the responsibility of all the Jews in the world who love Israel but of all democrats, to acknowledge the absurd and dangerous policy of seeking an agreement at any price with a State that does not change their way of thinking and has installed a regime and form of government that continues to want to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East and the only Jewish state in the world.

I accuse the big powers who want to believe that further remote control of the Iranian nuclear programme is possible and that the worst can be avoided, of being naive. As long as Iran is a dictatorship  that continues to stone adulterous women, which condemns homosexuals  to death, sends suicide bombers to blow themselves up in Jewish community centers or on buses carrying Israeli tourists and have hundreds or even thousands of Shiite suicide bombers ready to blow themselves up in restaurants and public places, this country cannot be worth signing an agreement  with.  From a nuclear and military perspective, men who dream of destroying the Jewish state should not be allowed to be partners to sign a credible agreement.

I accuse them of naivety, or at least being naive when it comes to wanting an agreement at any price with a regime that wants to destroy the state of Israel at all costs. It is difficult at present to know what the consequences of the nuclear deal will be for Israel and the region but it is clear that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and even Turkey and the State of Israel are starting to live in a much more dangerous era from today where the West will give carte blanche to the regime of mullahs who will undoubtedly continue their expansionary course and hegemony in the region. Today, Tehran controls Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Sanaa and Gaza.

If tomorrow, the region becomes inflamed due to an agreement with the Devil, Israel will be directly affected and the appropriate solution that should be adopted will come certainly from Jerusalem or at least in conjunction with the Jewish capital. The foreign ministers of major powers will certainly leave Vienna with the smile of those men who think they have negotiated a good deal. The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs will certainly be the only one that will have a real reason to smile.

In Israel, we do not smile. We know that only the State of Israel, its army,its government and the God of Israel is and will always be the guarantor of our security. God Bless Israel.

Olivier Rafowicz

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