Publié le 13 Avril 2018

#Crif - How does Crif digital environment work?

Let's discover how Crif digital environment works!

Crif has a major digital environment. Crif's digital unit is made from 4 main areas: the contents creation on social media division, the moderation and reporting unit, the project management division, and the web contents and newsletter division.

Daily, Crif manages a large community of over 145,000 people on its social networks. It offers a varied and original contents, using the digital and technological tools. The management of the Internet community is very important for Crif which makes sure to maintain a quality connection.

Crif is dedicated into a meticulous work of moderation and reporting, in order to actively fight hatred over the Internet.
Crif regularly meets with CEOs of major Internet platforms. These meetings are an opportunity to alert them on the most sensitive topics and some shortcomings on their actions in terms of moderation. Thanks to these partnerships, Crif has privileged networks on social networks so that its reports are processed more quickly.

Every day, Crif adds contents to its website, in French and English, articles related to the main issues of the institution.

Crif also has a major communication tool, its daily newsletter, sent to more than 50,000 subscribers. The first part of the newsletter is mainly about the news of Crif and the positions taken by the institution. These may include press releases, editorials, opinions, but also announcements of future events or reports of recent Crif actions.

The second part of the newsletter is composed of press articles that it seems appropriate to highlight, the opinion expressed, the quality of the writing and the media source. We make sure to diversify the media we use and to offer international articles.

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