Publié le 6 Juin 2019

Crif - The newsletter is back!

You have been waiting for some time... Here is your reward: the newsletter is back!

The newsletter is back!

From now on, Crif will send you a newsletter every month. This newsletter will sum up Crif main actions over the past month and offer you an international press review.

The newsletter will give you an overview about what recently happened regarding Crif main missions:

● The fight against anti-Semitism 
Crif mission is to bring to the public authorities the concerns of the French Jewish community. It contributes to the reflection on all the societal issues that cross our society and mobilizes itself against anti-Semitism in all its forms – including of course anti-Zionism, racism, intolerance, exclusion, and against all the discriminations.
● Remembrance of the Holocaust
Crif works for the transmission and the preservation of the remembrance of the Holocaust. It is also working on the memory duty of other genocides and more generally against human rights violations. It defends oppressed minorities and denounces crimes against humanity around the world.
● Advocacy for Israel 
Crif expresses full solidarity with the state of Israel and unconditionally defends the Jewish state in its sustainability and security. Crif fights the enemies of Israel and people preaching for its delegitimization. Crif does not take sides in the Israeli political debate.
The newsletter will also give you access to the most recent actions of the institution: meetings with public and political top personalities, press releases, relationships with international Jewish leaders, etc.
Crif is part of the European Jewish Congress and of the World Jewish Congress. Therefore, the newsletter will sometimes update you about the news regarding those two institutions and their work all over Europe, and around the world.

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