Published on 20 July 2015

David Cameron: extremist ideology is 'struggle of our generation'

PM to set out government’s five-year strategy, saying: ‘There are people born and raised in this country who don’t really identify with Britain’.

By Frances Perraudin, published in the Guardian July 20, 2015
People must challenge the view that people become radicalised because of historic injustices, recent wars, poverty or hardship, David Cameron will say, describing such arguments as “grievance justification”.
In a keynote speech in Birmingham on Monday, the prime minister will set out the government’s five-year strategy for tackling extremist ideology, describing it as “struggle of our generation”.
Cameron will say “the root cause of the threat we face is the extremist ideology itself,” arguing that we need first to understand what makes Islamist extremism so attractive to people in order to prevent it... Read more.