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Crif - Survey: “The French view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its consequences on France”

20 June 2024
More than eight months after the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel on October 7, 2023, and while hostages are still held captive in the Gaza Strip, Crif presents the results of a survey carried out by Ifop on “the view of the French on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its consequences on France".

New UNESCO report warns that Generative AI threatens Holocaust memory

19 June 2024
A UNESCO report published today warns that unless decisive action is taken to integrate ethical principles, AI could distort the historical record of the Holocaust and fuel antisemitism. The report cautions that not only can Generative AI enable malicious actors to seed disinformation and hate-fueled narratives, but it can also inadvertently invent false or misleading content about the Holocaust.

WJC Executive Committee Meets With President Herzog and Visits Southern Kibbutizm During Solidarity Mission

03 June 2024
The World Jewish Congress concluded a meeting of the organization’s Executive Committee on June 23rd, following a two-day solidarity mission that included visits to sites associated with the October 7th attacks and a meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog at his official residence, to gain a fuller understanding of the challenges Israelis now face.

European elections: the “strategy of chaos” of La France Insoumise

30 May 2024
As the European elections will be held on June 9, 2024 the left political party La France Insoumise is increasing its provocations and calls for chaos: Palestinian flag held in the French National Assembly, call for insurrection, insults, and violent protests.

Crif - Crif attended to a "Building Bridges for combating antisemitism together" project session

17 April 2024
Crif was invited by the World Jewish Congress to participate to the training session on “Understanding and Responding to Antisemitic Online Hate Speech”, for Community Organisations and Local Representatives, held in Brussels.

#BringThemHomeNow - Every Friday, 'Mothers of Hope' gather in Paris to demand the release of hostages

17 April 2024
Since November 17, 2023, 'Mothers of Hope' have been meeting every Friday Place du Trocadéro in Paris. There remain 120 children, women and men held hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. We are waiting for many of you to join us to demand the release of all the hostages.