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Crif - Survey: "Attitudes in France towards Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict following the terrorist attacks of October 7"

31 October 2023
Crif presents the main results of a survey carried out by IFOP on "Attitudes of French people towards Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict following the terrorist attacks of October 7". A number of key points emerge from the survey, including the support of a majority of French people for Israel's desire to eliminate Hamas. The poll also shows that the French fear the conflict could be imported into France.

Crif - Special Envoys and Coordinators Combating Antisemitism (SECCA) met in Paris

26 October 2023
On Tuesday October 24, Special envoys and coordinators for the fight against antisemitism met in Paris under the aegis of the World Jewish Congress, the European Commission and UNESCO.

Crif - "Israel will win, and Israel will live!": Thirty five thousand people in Paris to show support for Israel

11 October 2023
Following the Hamas attack in Israel, Crif has called for a rally of support for the Israeli people. On October 9, 35,000 people gathered to express their solidarity with the Israeli people and to pay their respects.

Op-Ed by Yonathan Arfi - To the Armenians of France: we share your pain and concern

27 September 2023
"Above and beyond any geopolitical considerations, let us first affirm our solidarity with these Armenian families led to the roads of exodus and torn from the history and geography of their roots."

ConvCrif - 13th Crif National Convention, “France and the challenge of populism”

27 September 2023
As every year, Crif organizes its National Convention with the participation of political figures, intellectuals, researchers and academics, leaders of civil society, journalists, artists. A day punctuated by conferences, round tables, debates and plenaries.

Crif – Op-Ed by the President of Crif: "Books, honey and back-to-school”

05 September 2023
During the back-to-school period, the President of Crif shares his thoughts on the summer's news and the year to come.