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Crif/Rosh Hashana - 5781: a year of kindness and solidarity

07 October 2020
On the eve of 5781, Crif expressed the wish to see this new year unfold in safety and serenity for all French Jews. We hope to be able to share many happy moments together, and - facing the important challenges that await us - to count on the kindness and solidarity of each of us.

Stop Boycott - Boycott against the Tour de France Israeli team: Francis Kalifat calls on cycling federations

07 October 2020
A few days before the beginning of the Tour de France, Crif President called on cycling federations to alert them on an odious campaign of delegitimization against the Israeli team.

Crif - Francis Kalifat met the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates

06 October 2020
The President of Crif, Francis Kalifat, was received by the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates for a first contact and an overview.

Crif - 38 years after the Jo Goldenberg restaurant terrorist attack, in Paris

31 July 2020
On August 9, we commemorate the very sad anniversary of the Jo Goldenberg restaurant attack, in Paris. 38 years ago, around 1:15 pm, several men enter the restaurant Jo Goldenberg, located at 7, rue des Rosiers, in the Marais district, in Paris. Suddenly, this is chaos in the middle of Paris.

Crif/Vel d'Hiv - The Vel d'Hiv roundup, in the middle of Paris (VIDEO)

13 July 2020
On July 16, 1942 took place the Vel d'Hiv roundup, in the middle of Paris. 13 152 Jews were arrested and taken to Drancy and the Loiret camps before being deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Among them, 4115 children. We shall never forget them.

Crif/Op-Ed - Crif welcomes the closing of the YouTube Dieudonné channel

01 July 2020
"Dieudonne spreaded - via his videos posted on YouTube - his antisemitic poison. He badly cursed or slandered and broadcasted obscene caricatures by putting together his miserable repertoire."