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Malcom Hoenlein and Richard Prasquier on The John Batchelor Show

05 April 2012

Richard Prasquier, CRIF and Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents, speak together on May the 30th at the French Consulate Conference, in New York, listen to  radio interview on Thursday, 3/22/12 on The John Batchelor Show, ITW. 

Guests: Co-Host Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents; Michael Widlanski, author; Commissioner Ray Kelly, NYPD; Richard Prasquier, CRIF.

Richard Prasquier speaks at 30 minutes.

Eve Gani, delegate of Crif for international affairs and relations with muslims published on the Guardian

02 April 2012


On this article, Eve Gani provides her view of Toulouse's tragedy.

Read the article by clicking here.

Terrorist killings in Toulouse and Montauban: CRIF activates its crisis room

02 April 2012


From the first minutes following the tragedy of Toulouse the Crisis room of CRIF has been activated.Presence among the relatives of victims, public expression, organization or participation on various events, relations with public authorities, all leaders of CRIF's regional and national who have been involved during this period.

The links below are in french.

Toulouse's tragedy: Crif on international press

02 April 2012

Crif proposes you a selection of three articles issued on international press about the tragedy occured in Toulouse and Montauban and the action of the crif during this period.

Egypt: a tidal wave of hope to the Islamist

03 January 2012
Sunday, December 4, 2011 evening, the Egyptian parliamentary election results were officially announced. They spend an Islamist tsunami, with the Muslim Brotherhood who collect 36% of the vote and the party Salafi (fundamentalist Muslims) that reach nearly 25%, a third Islamist party, the Wassat collects 4.2% of the vote.


10 May 2011