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Britain split on how to counter draw of radicalism

06 July 2015

“We haven’t really achieved anything. We’re just repeating the same mistakes.”

An islamic State plot to bomb an Armed Forces Day parade in Britain foiled by The Sun

03 July 2015

The suicide blast was intended to strike soldiers from murdered Lee Rigby’s unit in London.

New ADL Poll Finds Dramatic Decline in Anti-Semitic Attitudes in France; Significant Drops in Germany and Belgium

01 July 2015

Update of ADL Global 100 Poll Shows Anti-Semitism Markedly Higher Among Muslims in Six European Countries

Statement on the climate crisis by the Conference of Religious Leaders of France

01 July 2015

The climate crisis is a spiritual and moral challenge

Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket reopens after Paris attacks

16 March 2015

The Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris where four hostages were killed in January has reopened in Paris.

France wants U.N. Security Council meeting on Christians in Mideast

15 March 2015

France is calling for a U.N. Security Council meeting on March 27 to discuss the situation of minorities in the Middle East, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Monday.