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Crif - The incomprehensible French vote at the UN denying connection between the Temple Mount and Judaism

22 December 2021
Crif President Francis Kalifat strongly reacted and described this vote as "incomprehensible and unacceptable".

Crif - Meeting with H.E Ms. Yaël German, next Israeli Ambassador in France

22 December 2021
After two years of the pandemic, a Crif delegation traveled to Israel at the beginning of November 2021 for a week of meetings and official trips. During this week, the Crif delegation had the chance to meet with H.E. Ms. Yaël German, Ambassador-designate of Israel in France. As well as the President of the State of Israel, Itzhak Herzog, Yair Lapid, Deputy Prime Minister, Israeli Foreign Minister and Nachman Shay, Minister of Diaspora.

Interview Crif - The President of the Jewish community in Chile, Gerardo Gorodischer, looks back on the presidential election

21 December 2021
Chile is today in the news because of the election of new president Gabriel Boric, which made antizionist declarations. Crif interviewed Mr. Gerardo Gorodischer, President of the Jewish community in Chile, on the consequences of the election for the Jewish community in the country.

Crif - Live on Instagram between Crif and JuFo DIG

17 December 2021
A few weeks ago, Crif and JuFo DIG, a german organization promoting Israel, discussed over an InstaLive on the following topic: "The Mireille Knoll trial and the current state of antisemitism in France"

ConvCrif - Itzhak Herzog addresses a video message to Crif Convention

14 December 2021
For its eleventh edition, the National Convention of Crif has offered various conferences and round tables. One of the highlights of the last plenary session was the video message from the President of the State of Israel, Itzhak Herzog.

Lest We Forget 2022 - Meeting 42 French Holocaust survivors all over France

08 December 2021
In July 2022, we will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Vel d'Hiv roundup. On this occasion, Crif has imagined a very exceptional project: an exhibition of photographic portraits of French Holocaust survivors on the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg. An extraordinary adventure that begins with the meeting of 42 stories and 42 fates, all over France.