Communiqués de presse
Publié le 17 Août 2017

The Crif expresses its support after the Charlottesville demonstration

Following the Charlottesville anti-Semitic and Nazi demonstration, Francis Kalifat, President of CRIF (French Jewish umbrella organization), wrote to the Presidents and CEOs of major US Jewish organisations to express support and solidarity

"After the difficult events which happened in Charlottesville, I am writing to express my support and solidarity, and that of the French Jewish community, to you to the Jews of the United Stated of America. The vision of Nazi flags, the very symbol of anti-Semitism, flowing freely in your country, which has been the symbol of Democracy and of the fight against Nazism, is just unconceivable and inacceptable. 

We have seen a resurgence of anti-Semitism all over the world over the past few years, especially in France and in Europe. In face of such evil, you have always shown concern and solidarity. It is now my turn to reciprocate. As always we will stand together as one People with one Heart. Together we will face these challenges and together we will combat anti-Semitism in our democracies, in our streets and on Internet.

We stand with you to combat the hate of Jews wherever it spreads, and express to our political representatives our determination to eradicate anti-Semitism and hate from our democratic societies. 
With my warmest regards,"

Francis Kalifat,
President of CRIF