Published on 31 July 2020

Crif - 38 years after the Jo Goldenberg restaurant terrorist attack, in Paris

On August 9, we commemorate the very sad anniversary of the Jo Goldenberg restaurant attack, in Paris. 38 years ago, around 1:15 pm, several men enter the restaurant Jo Goldenberg, located at 7, rue des Rosiers, in the Marais district, in Paris. Suddenly, this is chaos in the middle of Paris.
On August 9, 1982, at 1:15 pm, a grenade is thrown in the jewish restaurant and delicatessen of Jo Goldenberg, located rue des Rosiers, in the historic Jewish quarter of Paris. A commando then enters the establishment and fires burst. About fifty customers are at this time in the establishment.

Composed of three to five armed men, according to a source close to the file, the commando goes back then the street of the Rosiers, emptying in the direction of passers-by the loaders of their machine guns "WZ-63", of Polish manufacture. In less than three minutes, the attack left six dead and 22 wounded.
Meanwhile, in the Marais district, traces of the attack disappear. Jo Goldenberg's restaurant closed its doors in 2006. Only a commemorative plaque, fixed in 2011 to replace the previous one, inaugurated in 1983 by François Mitterrand and disappeared in 2007, preserves the memory of this tragic event. And, 38 years after the fact, the victims are still waiting for a trial.
In March 2019, President of Crif Francis Kalifat had asked to meet with Ambassador Oda Helen Sletnes of Norway about the extraditionin France of one of the suspected terrorists of the attack on the Jo Goldenberg's restaurant. 
Under the terms of an international arrest warrant, Walid Abdulrahman Abu Zayed, 54, a father of four, now lives in Norway in Skien, a town southwest of Oslo. But the country refuses any extradition or arrest of the suspect. It is his nationality that blocks the procedure. Walid Abdulrahmane is Norwegian since 2002 and the country does not extradite its national citizens.
Francis Kalifat expressed to the Ambassador the need for justice and the strong emotion of the families of the victims of the attack. He was accompanied by Guy Benarousse, who was wounded during the attack, who expressed to the Ambassador his frustration of knowing that an alleged terrorist can live quietly in a country that is itself struck by terrorism.
Let's never forget those innocent people killed by a terrorist attack:
  • Mohamed BENNEMOU 
  • Grace CUTER
  • Georges DEMETER