Published on 8 October 2015

CRIF filed complains to Paris City Hall

Roger Cukierman, President of CRIF, expressed several times in recent weeks his disappointment : 

- About comments made by Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, speaking about the operation "Tel-Aviv sur Seine" - widely supported by CRIF, especially on social media - and announcing her preference for "progressive" Tel-Aviv city, supposedly opposed to the "brutal" politics of Mr Netanyahu. Roger Cukierman explained he was shocked by this distinction between "good" and "bad" Israelis. 
- About the invitation of Mahmoud Abbas by Paris Mayor, an event at which the CRIF was invited, but decided not to participate. Roger Cukierman criticized the invitation of Mahmoud Abbas as "President of Palestine", with the honors reserved for Heads State. Mahmoud Abbas is de facto President of the Palestinian National Authority, an institution created under the Oslo agreements, and not President of a sovereign state recognized by the nations.
- About the City Hall refusal to vote a vow to ban BDS submitted by the Republicans political party. Roger Cukierman insisted on the fact that the respect of the law prohibiting boycott should take precedence over political considerations.